I am a machine learning researcher at Twitter in London. In particular, our team works on fundamental and applied research around the topic of graph neural networks. Previously, I was working at Fabula AI, which was then aquired by Twitter in June 2020.

In June 2019, I graduated with a distinction from an MPhil in Advanced Computer Science at Cambridge University. My thesis was on graph deep learning models on RNA data, under the supervision of Prof. Pietro LiĆ² and Prof. Michael Bronstein. The thesis also lead to a paper on ncRNA Classification with Graph Convolutional Networks which has been published at the KDD workhop on deep learning on graphs.

In June 2018, I graduated with a BEng in Computer Science from Imperial College London. During my time there, I interned in 2017 at G-Research and in 2018 at Google as a software engineer. During summer 2018, after my graduation, I worked with Prof. Michael Bronstein on fake news detection using graph convolutional networks.

I am also the co-founder of LeadTheFuture, a non-profit organization with the goal of helping talented Italian students in STEM to achieve their potential. Today LeadTheFuture counts more than 250 mentors and mentees.